The numbers speak for themselves: Ten postdoctoral researchers. Fifteen doctoral graduates. Twenty master's-level graduates. And 38 undergraduate researchers.

That's how many students Erdogan Kiran has  directly mentored in his more than 50 years in chemical engineering, and his work in the field has helped countless others.

He did it while teaching and leading research in Virginia Tech's College of Engineering, editing 12 books, writing 17 book chapters, publishing more than 120 peer-reviewed journal articles, and becoming an internationally-recognized leader in the area of supercritical fluids and their impact on polymer modification and processing.

The American Institute of Chemical Engineers recently recognized his long services the field by making him a fellow. The title of fellow is conferred on AIChE members of longstanding whose careers have demonstrated service to the profession and significant professional accomplishment, according to the organization.

Kiran is founder and editor-in-chief of the Journal of Sueprcritical Fluids, and his work has helped industry respond to crises, such as ozone depletion. In partnership with DuPont-Tyvek, he helped create chemical processes that reduced effects on the ozone layer that protects the planet. He has also organized summer programs and conferences that have helped develop young scientists into leading researchers.