The following software will need to be installed to connect to conference room TVs in Goodwin 285 and 289:

R33050100_11_ApplicationSw.dmg Application for MirrorOp Mac Sender v2.5.4.90
R33050099_08_ApplicationSw.msi Installer (.msi) for MirrorOp Windows Sender v2.5.4.70

These are Older Versions of the software needed to connect to conference room TVs in Goodwin 285 and 289:

LiteShow (MAC OS) Pre-OSX "Big Sur"

LiteShow (WINDOWS)

Instructions for installing/running client software to connect to conference room TV


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Travel Authorization/Reimbursement (PA/TR) Form

Non-Travel Reimbursement Request Form

Business Meal Reimbursement Form

Wage Employment Appointment Record


Lab Safety and Resources

Departmental Safety Training Policy

General Laboratory Safety – Online Course: This online training must be taken upon enrollment/employment and must be renewed every 2 years. Registration for the course can be found here.

Record Keeping: Records of each individual's compliance with the General Laboratory Safety requirement will be maintained by the research supervisor through the Safety Management System. Research supervisors are also responsible for maintaining lab-specific training records and Chemical Hygiene Plan compliance for workers in their laboratories. 

Gas Cylinder Inventory Form - Use this form to keep inventory of gas cylinders in your lab. Rental charges can only be disputed with proper documentation.


Story/News Release Request Form

If you have news to be elevated externally or internally (e.g. upcoming published research) to external media, VT News, or featured in the college's magazine, please fill out this form. Filling out the form does not guarantee we will pursue the story. A member of the communications team will follow up within 5-7 business days if we are able to accommodate the request.