Polymer Science and Engineering

Baird Polymer processing (design and simulation) and rheology; Composite materials and processing; Polymeric materials and properties.
Bortner Polymer Nanocomposites, Nanostructured Materials, Polymer Morphology and Structure-Property Relationships, Surface and Interface Phenomena in Polymers.
Davis Physical and colloid chemistry of polymer solutions and colloidal; Polymer absorption of interfaces and self-assembly; Synthesis, characterization, and processing of fine particulates including nanophase metal oxides, micellar solutions, and colloidal polymer particles
Deshmukh Multi-scale Modeling of Hybrid Materials, Development of Computational Models and Methods, Polymers, Metals, Carbon Nanostructures.
Kiran Polymer science and polymeric materials; Supercritical fluids and high-pressure processes; Thermal and optical measurement techniques.
Y. A. Liu Simulation, Optimization and Advanced Process Control of Industrial Polymerization Processes.
Rajagopalan Hepatic tissue engineering; Self-assembly of polyelectrolytes, Cell-matrix interactions; 
Chemotaxis and mechanotaxis, Corneal tissue engineering; Nanostructured materials.
Tong Polymer Chemistry, Biomaterials, Nanomedicine.