We have offered an option to take the UO Lab course at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) since 2007, and many of our students have taken advantage of this opportunity for international study.

The course runs for 4 weeks and typically starts at the beginning of July.

Students apply through the Chemical Engineering department at VT, but are enrolled directly in the summer program at DTU.  Successful completion of the course (a grade of E/2.0 or better in the Danish system) results in the student receiving credit that can be transferred to VT as 4 pass/fail credits. To attain the full 5 credits for the CHE Lab graduation requirement, students must also complete a 1 credit CHE 4984 Laboratory Design and Analysis of Experiments course (in the fall semester of the senior year).   

Course 28123

Summer University 2022 in Copenhagen for non-European university students.
July 4th - July 29th, 2022


Technical University of Denmark (DTU)
Located in Lyngby, about 20 minutes by train outside of Copenhagen


Virginia Tech requires a minimum grade of C to award transfer credit. The transfer credit (no grade) satisfies the U.O. Lab requirement for the B.S. degree in chemical engineering.


Tuition: €3400.
Housing at DTU is included in the tuition.
VT Grader Fee: $500 – $700
Air Fare: Approximately $1200 – $1500 (travel arrangements are the responsibility of the student).
Food: Variable (also the responsibility of the student).


Students work in groups of 2 to complete 6 experiments (with written and oral reports), one oral presentation on a unit operation, and one oral presentation on a topic of Danish culture. In the final week groups design an industrial system based on the scale-up of a unit operation experiment.
Students from other universities in U.S., as well as international universities, will also be in the course.


Scholarship funds may be available to reduce the cost of the lab. These funds will be awarded following an interview process and based on the strength of the application.

Application Procedure & Deadlines:

Students must have an in-major GPA of at least 2.5 (as of January 2022) to be eligible for the program.

January 28, 2022: Students must submit the following to Stacey Ratcliffe (slyons@vt.edu) as a single PDF file tilted “lastname_firstname” that includes a current résumé (with both overall and in-major GPA) and a short (less than 1 page) statement of interest (i.e. why you want to participate in the program). (Students applying to both Denmark and Germany programs should submit a single application, indicating interest in both programs but preference for one program over the other.)


COVID-19 and University Policies





For more information:

Travel for this program must comply with  VT Policy 1070 on Global Travel 

https://policies.vt.edu/assets/1070.pdf  or receive an exemption. The availability of this program is subject to changes depending on COVID-19 policies here and in the destination country. 



Also see DTU’s webpage on the program.