The Department of Chemical Engineering awards a number of scholarships to students officially enrolled in the degree program. To be considered for a departmentalscholarship, students must complete the College of Engineering
scholarship application. The college application is generally due at the end of February, and award notifications for the upcoming academic year are usually made in June.

The following Scholarships and Awards are offered to ChE undergraduates students:

  • Richard Herron Scholarship
  • Gerhard Beyer Scholarship
  • Ralph H. Bogle Jr. Scholarship
  • Andrew C. Britton Scholarship
  • Donald M. Cox Scholarship
  • Felix Sebba Scholarship
  • Gavin Starmer Scholarship
  • David Wallis Scholarship
  • Robert L. Duff Scholarship
  • Warren T. Gentry Scholarship
  • Dow Minority Scholarship
  • Michael & Lisa Kender Scholarship
  • CITGO Scholarship
  • John G. and Bernice S. Brooks Scholarship
  • William Conger Scholarship
  • William Poorbaugh Scholarship
  • James and Jane Gary Scholarship
  • Ronald Lohr Memorial Scholarship
  • Steve Reese Scholarship
  • Maxine Turner Scholarship
  • Robert & Constance Sanders Scholarship
  • Alexander Giacco Scholarship
  • Ralph Zimmerman Scholarship