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The B.S. degree in chemical engineering requires completing a total of 131 semester credit hours.  Naturally, the curriculum requires more chemistry courses than other engineering majors, which makes picking up a chemistry minor extremely easy.  Specifically, students must take six hours of General Chemistry (CHEM 1035 and 1036), two General Chemistry Labs (CHEM 1045 and 1046), six hours of Organic Chemistry (CHEM 2535 and 2536 or CHEM 2565 and 2566), two Organic Chemistry Labs (CHEM 2545 and 2546), Physical Chemistry (CHEM 3615) and Physical Chemistry Lab (CHEM 3625).


Undergraduate Course Descriptions (CHE)

Undergraduate Course Catalog - 2020-2021


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To learn more about chemical engineering contact our Undergraduate Advisor, Dr. Gary Whiting