Program Overview

The alumni-student mentoring program has been formed with the hope of developing connections between our generations of alumni, to strengthen the Virginia Tech chemical engineering community and to provide an avenue for alumni to positively impact the lives of our students. We are looking for alumni willing to donate a small amount of their time to provide real world advice and networking support for the youngest members of our profession. The program offers an opportunity for alumni to reconnect with the department, and to help establish a culture of service among our graduates. 

Mr. Shashwat Sinha (B.S., ChE 2015) will serve as the Program Coordinator, and will use input from surveys to match mentors and mentees based on common interests. He will provide an introductory email to both parties to initiate the contact.


Do you remember the questions and concerns you had as you neared graduation? 
Have you received advice along the way that you wish you had been given while you were in school? 
Did you experience any pitfalls that you could help others avoid?

The mentoring program provides an opportunity for our students to benefit from your real world experience as they prepare academically and professionally to transition from the university environment to the workplace. 

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Do you have questions about your job search or the effectiveness of your resume? 
Are you looking for a contact at a particular company or in a particular industry? 
Do you have questions about selecting a first job/career path/graduate, medical or law school? 
Do you wonder how you should best present yourself at an interview or in the workplace?

Our department's alumni have the experience to answer your questions. 

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